Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will detail the data that is stored both in your browser and on our servers.

What data do we store

We store your Name split into First Name and Last Name, your email address used ot reach out once an event has been registered on you or you send an inquiry to detailing information you would like to view, changed, or deleted.

What data is sent to the browser

We use a single cookie used for login information and nothing else of private information is stored in browser. This cookie does not contain any personal information and is only a token used by the server to identify who you are.
On events when requesting to join a table the entire name will be displayed to the administrator for that table (the first person in the table) this information is only to show who is trying to join the table.
Your name is also displayed on messages you sent in the chat for the event but only the previous 10 messages are loaded by default for users when they first join into the event view.